Eastman publishes guidelines on how to select Eastman AdapT solvents in ProTreat® simulation software.

October 5, 2016

Guidelines: How to select Eastman AdapT solvents in ProTreat® simulation software

Simulations are the core of any new acid gas removal design or performance troubleshooting case. For grassroots system or solvent swap projects, it is crucial to select the most appropriate solvent as this may have a significant impact on both the capital expenditures (CAPEX) and operating expenditures (OPEX). Since 2015, Eastman AdapT solvents are available as separate components in the ProTreat® simulation software developed by Optimized Gas Treating, Inc. Any holder of a basic ProTreat license can select and use the AdapT solvents. For proper selection of the right AdapT solvent in ProTreat, we have published guidelines that give an indication of which AdapT solvent to use under which circumstances, as well as some additional tips for further optimization of your simulation.

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Brochure: Eastman AdapT

Download here the latest English language version of our brochure on Eastman AdapT flexible gas sweetening solutions. This range of acid gas removal solvents and specialized services can be tailored to meet your gas treatment needs.