Sample Analysis

Detailed chemical analysis of your amine solution is a key tool in determining the overall condition of the gas treatment system and monitoring parameters such as heat stable salts (HSS) and acid gas loading in order to identify the root cause of problems like foaming, corrosion, and off-spec product. Eastman’s lab, highly experienced in amine analysis and interpretation, is at your disposal. We can perform a full analysis of your lean amine solution according to your needs. Interested? A dedicated Eastman AdapT representative is ready to provide you with a sample analysis requirements form and guide you further through the process. They can advise you on how to complete the form and provide you with a quotation and an example of a completed analysis. You can also request a sample shipping kit if you don’t have your own. For information on our sample procedure please click here.

Following analysis of your sample and interpretation of the results by our specialist team, tailored recommendations are provided.

This is how it works

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